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  • A Vintage Ambiance Candle ShopA Vintage Ambiance Candle Shop (0)
    175 Swan Street
    MORPETH NSW 2321
    Phone: 0402996445
    Instagram A Vintage Ambiance
    Facebook A.Vintage.Ambiance

    Upstairs: Ian & Felicity hand make Soy Candles in vintage and vintage style glass containers. Their fragrances are beautiful. You may bring back your container for a refill once it is empty. With the average price just $20, they make well-appointed gifts for all your friends and family. Located on the first floor of Campbell’s Store.
  • Back Hut & GardenBack Hut & Garden (15)
    Shop 16
    Contact Valmae through Morpeth Antique Centre.

    Valmae has had an amazing career as a merchandiser and buyer for some of Europe’s leading department stores. These days she delights in all things green. Topiary, succulents, unique and rare plants for the garden, as well as old favourites such as lavender & rosemary and acanthus. Valmae hunts high and low to find vintage and antique planters, statues, birdbaths & birdhouses to compliment your plant selection in the garden. Take a peek inside the ‘back hut’ to discover rustic garden ornaments and country kitchen collectables – enamel, wire, ceramics and more.
  • Cabinets of CuriositiesCabinets of Curiosities (79)
    Shop 4
    175 Swan Street
    MORPETH NSW 2321
    Ph: 02 4933 1407
    Instagram: #buttonsatmorpeth #morpethantiquecentre

    Shirley is obsessed with miniature bears & miniature books, but her current passions are lace and buttons. On the first floor of Morpeth Antique Centre there are museum displays of all four. Nearly 60,000 buttons through the centuries are available for sale. The oldest piece of lace dates back to the 1500’s. Shirley has collected lace from all over the world – Italy, Croatia, Malta, Sicily, United Kingdom, Belgium, France & Germany to name a few. Some are for sale. Shop 4 also specialises in antique and vintage postcards & scraps, as well as book plates. Ranges of Crystal, Cut Glass and large ranges of new Cornishware, Spode, Bendigo Pottery and Mason & Cash Mixing Bowls are for sale. Vintage bottles, Tea Cosies, Gollies, vintage amber glass, sewing implements are a speciality, along with silk ribbon, cotton and beads for embellishing.
  • Campbell’s Store Vintage (139)
    Ph: 02 4933 1407

    Shop 12 also features a massive range of 60 year old vintage glass fishing floats from Japan, collectable seashells, and vintage fishing gear such as lobster pots, sinkers, hand lines, reels, rods, fish scalers, fish grippers and esky’s. They sit alongside antique, vintage and vintage reproductions of Coastal Patrol Spotlights, Bosun’s Whistles, Compass, Pocket Watches & Gentleman’s Walking Canes. 100+ year old Industrial Textile Bobbins, Shoe Lasts, vintage soda and milk bottles, writing sets & cool gifts for men & women can be found in shop 12. Another speciality are (new) Akubra Hats & Belts and ‘hit only once’ golf balls. There’s only one company in the Southern Hemisphere still making Fox Decoy, Referee & Bosun Whistles today. Sydney’s Rider & Bell have been at it since 1920. Their oldest employee turns 98 this year. Clive still works the tools three days a week! They are available for sale from Shop 12.
  • Campbell’s Store Vintage: The Toy CabinetCampbell’s Store Vintage: The Toy Cabinet (27)
    Shop 12
    Campbell’s Store Vintage: The Toy Cabinet
    (Located both Upstairs and downstairs)
    175 Swan Street
    MORPETH NSW 2321
    Ph: 02 4933 1407

    Kylie fell into the vintage and antique world quite by accident, through her love of collecting Golliwoggs and Steiff Jocko’ chimpanzees. This evolved into buying and selling to finance her personal collection & a trip to Germany to visit the Steiff museum & archival vault in Giengen. An entire cabinet of Antique and Vintage plush animals, teddy bears & golliwoggs will amaze. The German brands of Steiff, Schuco, Hermann and Clemens, sit proudly alongside their English counterparts – Merrythought, Chiltern, Norah Wellings, Deans and Farnell. Sets of wooden toys from Seiffen, wooden alphabet blocks and other antique games, toys and books, round out the items for sale.
  • Georgie GirlGeorgie Girl (7)
    Shop 8
    Georgie Girl
    Mandi Bryson
    Ph: 0419 974 087

    Mandi is new to the antique business, but she’s learning fast. She has always had a passion for dressing in vintage. Georgie Girl’s vintage and vintage style 1950’s and 1960’s dresses, cardigans, scarves, handbags, gloves and shoes are popular with the ladies, whilst ranges of trilby hats and caps, vintage men’s shirts and scarves appeal to the ‘other half’. Formerly a merchandiser for a chain of pharmacies, Mandi has a great eye for design. Cushions featuring Audrey Hepburn mingle happily with vintage chintz and china, figurines, books, candelabra, lamps and wall art. You’ll always find something different at Georgie Girl.
  • Kate’s KollectionKate’s Kollection (13)
    Shop 14
    Kate’s Kollection
    Morpeth Antique Centre
    Kate has been a long time collector, and now she offers for sale a wide range of lovely collectables and treasures. From Victorian to Vintage, Retro to Modern, you will find china, glassware, kitchenware and unusual/interesting items from all over, and in all colours. Kate’s Kollection aims to mingle the past into today’s living, hoping to have just the right thing for everyone who visits.
  • Kazza's Kollectibles & Kuriosities (17)
    Shop 5
    175 Swan Street
    MORPETH NSW 2321
    Ph: 0447 027 291
    Facebook: Kazza's Kollectibles & Kuriosities
    An eclectic collection of militaria, vintage, antique, kitchenalia and upcycled goods.
  • Old Technology – Fine Antique & Estate JewelleryOld Technology – Fine Antique & Estate Jewellery (190)
    Shop 29
    Old Technology – Fine Antique & Estate Jewellery
    Kim Wallace-Wells
    Mobile: 0427 499 150
    Fax: 02 9638 3132

    Fine Antique & Estate Jewellery is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when you enter Shop 29. Cabinet after cabinet of silver, gold, marquisate, amber, gemstone, opal, masonic & cameo jewellery for men and women. Then there’s the fun Ernst Wilder brooches & pendants. Over 750 pieces of Moorcroft Pottery will amaze. It’s like a Moorcroft walk through the decades from their beginnings in 1879 to Moorcroft produced now. Every era is represented. Barometers, Artworks, 1920’s Ladies Handbags, solid silver items - you’ll find it all in Shop 29.
  • Shop 1 Helen JacksonShop 1 Helen Jackson (0)
    Shop 1
    Helen Jackson
    PO Box 735
    Ph: 0401 059 171

    Helen’s cabinet is located opposite the main counter on the ground floor of Morpeth Antique Centre. It’s small, but packed tightly with interesting objects that change from week to week. A Shelley Teaset, Silverware, beaded handbags, little china boxes and plates, ceramic rabbits…always something different. One thing you will always find in Shop 1 are Helen’s pottery penguins. She makes them herself. Everyone is unique and a labour of love. Oh so cute – they make great gifts for all your family and friends.
  • Shop 69 A Fine CollectionShop 69 A Fine Collection (38)
    Shop 69 Kevin Scott
    175 Swan Street
    MORPETH NSW 2321
    Mobile: 0437 945 546

    Upstairs: Rare & Interesting Books, Vinyl Records & Collectable Glass & Ceramic Figurines/Sculptural Pieces. Shop 69 is located on the first floor of Morpeth Antique Centre, accessible by either the stairs or a ramp for wheelchairs & walking frames. Take a seat and browse through boxes of vinyl records, which never went out of date, but are well and truly back in vogue now. Prince, Elvis, Beetles, Bee Gees, Fleetwood Mac are favourites for many, but Kevin has a vinyl for all genres. There’s even a signed Mariah Carey vinyl – one that James Packer hasn’t found yet! And that’s the thing about Shop 69 – if you linger long enough, you will find a favourite. Books are Kevin’s second passion – rare and interesting – maritime, militaria, children’s, novels, non-fiction, biographies. Then there’s Kevin’s cabinets full of Ceramic ware – Doulton, Gouda, Copenhagen, Beswick, Wade, Shelley and more. The ‘mens cabinet’ contains objects such as pocket scales, bugels, binoculars, snuff boxes and other treasures.
  • The Cat Store (0)
    The Cat Store
    175 Swan Street
    MORPETH NSW 2321
    Twitter @the_cat_store

    Upstairs: Pauline & Elizabeth are a mother & daughter duo who love all things cats. Plush, figurines, clothing, wall art, posters, jewellery, teapots, cat toys – if it’s got something to do with felines, you’ll discover it at The Cat Store. Located on the first floor of Campbell’s Store.
  • The Compulsive CollectorThe Compulsive Collector (18)
    Shop 18
    The Compulsive Collector
    PO Box 133
    Oatlands NSW 2117
    Mobile 0412 172 706

    The Compulsive Collector specialises in Australian Pottery through the decades. Their knowledge on the subject is vast, reflected in the rare, beautiful, interesting objects displayed in their cabinets. Salt & pepper shakers also make an appearance – scores of them in a multitude of shapes and themes.
  • Wendy’s TreasuresWendy’s Treasures (28)
    Shop 39
    Wendy’s Treasures
    175 Swan Street
    MORPETH NSW 2321

    Wendy has been in the antique industry for decades. She specialises in costume jewellery, linen & lace and objects for those who have a passion for sewing. Wendy’s Treasures always has Bakelite, men’s gifts and art glass – uranium, depression, Murano and other well-known brands, glassware, ceramic ware & collectable porcelain. There really is something for everyone! Contact Wendy through Morpeth Antique Centre.